A well-maintained landscape adds the beauty of curb appeal and increases the aesthetic value of any property. That’s why in your landscaping business, you take pride in helping others reach their lawn care goals. Well, starting your company was just the beginning. Now, it’s time to let consumers know you’re open for business. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to do this is to hand out Lawn care business cards to local prospects.

Continually Convey and Market Professionalism

Out of all of the available marketing materials, business cards carry a unique way of delivering a perpetual marketing momentum that keeps your company’s name out front in consumers’ minds. They add an extra layer of professionalism by conveying to others that a business takes itself seriously enough to make an investment in marketing materials such as business cards. Each card silently says, “We’re in business, and we’re not going anywhere.”

Stay Competitive with Your Industry Peers

There are certain elements on a landscaping company’s business card that prospects expect to see. Since staying competitive matters, make sure you have at the very least, basic information that others in your industry display on their business cards. If you’re unsure about what to include, there’s no need to guess. Here are some easy-to-follow guidelines to simplify the process.

Add a Touch or More of Green

The best color scheme for Landscaping business cards is one that contains the color green. Many people associate green with lawn care and landscaping companies because it’s the color of a healthy lawn, the leaves of strong trees, and other thriving plants. Add a touch of green to your card or make it entirely that color. Green provides a queue for prospects to spot. For example, they may look for that color in their collection of business cards, and it will draw attention. If you’d rather use another color as the main stand-out color instead of green, use it sparingly. Keep in mind, it’s important to appeal to your customers on a business level, giving them what they expect to see, so they’ll think of your company first.

Take Time to Create an Appropriate Logo

A logo is a branding tool that packs a powerful marketing punch. It’s an image, a symbol of your business name. It’s most successful in a marketing sense when others see your logo and can identify your business without having your business’s full name displayed.

Unfortunately, some lawn care and landscaping businesses underestimate the importance of putting a logo on a business card. This is an area where you can be a step ahead of the competition. A logo benefits Landscaping and lawn care companies in many ways. You can use it on business cards and in all of your marketing materials including business letters, flyers, and advertisements, both print and digital. If your company sponsors a local, national, or international event, add your logo to its promotional materials. Logos fit in the smallest spaces. Since the cost of advertising space is determined by size, logos can help save you money when space is at a premium.

Before deciding on which type of logo you’d like to create for your company, consider how consumers see landscaping companies. Ideas include a drawing of a single leaf, multiple leaves, and grass. Tree trimming specialists may want to display a tree stump, trees or bushes. Other suggestions are lawnmowers, gardening tools such as rakes, shovels, saws, and similar items. Whichever service you want your customers to order most may work best depicted as a logo on your business card because that image is what they’ll associate with your business.

Generic logos are aplenty. If possible, hire a freelancer to create something totally original based on a concept that fits the landscaping and lawn care industry.

The Basics: Company Name, Location, and Contact Information

Along with your company name, its physical address, website address, and email address, add your business phone number and hours of operation. Some landscaping companies are one-man operations that work out of their home. In this applies to your business, listing a physical address isn’t necessary. Be sure to list your company name, phone number, hours of operation though. List your website address and email address too, if you have one. Prospects might want to find out more about the services your landscaping company offers. The more contact options you give, the more people you’ll reach.

Include Your Full Name and Job Title

It may seem obvious to add your name and title, but some landscaping companies omit these and list an “info at company dot com” generic email address or none at all. Keep in mind, lawn care and landscaping is personal. When someone entrusts another to care for their lawn, they appreciate knowing who they’re dealing with. Providing your name on your business card helps develop a human connection. It says you’re not just a company, you’re a person whom someone can count on to make the surroundings of their home look more beautiful.

Types of Clients You Serve

A lawn care company might care for both residential and commercial properties or exclusively maintain one of the two. To avoid confusion, be sure to include which property types you service on your business cards.

State if Estimates are Free

Many landscaping companies give free estimates, however, they omit the statement on their business cards. Marketing the fact that you give free estimates may give you an edge over other similar companies. Think of it as the cost of doing business. It also encourages friendly relations and repeat business. Your existing customers will likely think of your business first when they have a new project they want to price.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Tree trimming takes skill, but still accidents can and do happen on occasion. Having the words “Licensed, Bonded, and Insured” on your Landscaping business cards can put new prospects at ease. It also conveys to others that you take your business seriously and want to protect it and your customers’ properties.

Popular Business Card Printing Companies

There are many self-service business card printing companies online. These firms allow a convenient method for businesses to design and order professional business cards. Each one has templates for you to view and get ideas. Almost all of them give businesses the option to upload their own custom design.

Vistaprint has been providing businesses with customized marketing materials including business cards for about 20 years. Vistaprint gives several paper stock options for reasonable prices. It has a plethora of landscaping templates to view and modify to suit each business’s individual tastes. One reviewer stated that the user interface is more suited for total custom design compared to its competitors. Another reviewer noted the fast customer service and high quality for the price. Some reviewers had difficulty ordering online, so they either called customer service or gave up. Most of the reviews were positive overall.

Zazzle is another popular business card printing company. It went public in 2005 with a mission is to enable businesses to “make anything.” Business cards are definitely a part of that offering. Reviewers like the high quality and fast standard shipping, but you do pay more for custom Lawn care business cards compared to Vistaprint. It wasn’t surprising to find that one reviewer listed the higher cost as a con.

MOO sets itself apart from other print and design companies. It started in 2006 and offers business cards that feature rounded corners for an additional cost. You can get gold or silver foil added to your cards for extra pizzazz as well. Reviewers like its smaller “MOO” Mini Cards size offering too. Buyers say it fits inside wallets more easily. It also carries the standard business card size, regular MOO size and square sizes. Pricing is higher than Zazzle or Vistaprint. This could be due in part to its card stock being of heavier weight than the competition. The good news is that you can order business cards in a smaller quantity of 50 cards instead of the standard minimum of 100 offered by competitors.

Other business card printing companies like Gotprint.com, Template.net, and UPprinting offer cards in leaf shapes. One buyer stated that the quality of the leaf shaped cards from UPrinting fit its promotion strategy and would recommend the product. Gotprint and Template.net received similar reviews. Leaf shape cards are appropriate for your Lawn care business depending on how fancy you want them to be. Remember, while different shaped business cards may make your business standout, in the end, it comes down to the service you provide. Give great service, then give customers a business card as a way to contact you again with ease.

Business cards are an essential part of your landscaping or lawn care business. It’s the simplest and most economical marketing piece that never goes out of style.