In the social media realm, marketing means more than promoting services and goods. Personal stories and information should form significant parts of the marketing plan. Even more, videos and photographs attract social media users. As a dentist, you have people, stories and important health tips upon which to build effective posts. You can tailor these to seasons of the year, holidays and observances related to dentistry.

1. Show the Smile

With your patient’s permission (or that of the parent), post a winning smile that follows a teeth-cleaning. Here, you highlight, not only the benefits of hygiene overall, but the professional job from your practice.

2. National Children’s Dental Health Month

A simple title or a poster can Herald National Children’s Dental Health month. Observed in February, this initiative promotes good dental care and its importance to overall health. You can include with this an invitation for visitors to make an appointment for an examination or teeth cleaning.

3. Proper Brushing Techniques

Offer yourself or one of your staff members and a demonstration of proper brushing techniques. You can highlight the circular method and stress the importance of brushing behind the teeth and on the gums. A link to a YouTube video can also do the trick.

4. Halloween Candy Buy-Back

Halloween can inspire a number of social media post ideas. One such is promotion of your practices Halloween candy Buy-Back program to raise awareness of the potential harm of sugar in causing cavities and other oral diseases.

5. Alternative Treats to Candy

Another Halloween-inspired post can include offering alternatives to sugar candy. These treats include either sugar free candy or even non-food items. Consider that children may need erasers, pencils, toothbrushes, floss packs and toothpaste.

6. How to Pick the Right Brush

Explain the different types of bristles–soft, medium and hard — and the benefits and drawbacks of each kind. As a dentist, you know that, for example, hard bristles may cause problems for those with sensitive gums and potentially soft enamel. You might also mention a word about the length of the handle and the size of the bristles.

7. Arrival of New Dentist or Staff

Part of making your practice relatable means announcing the hiring of a new staff member or a new dentist. With a photograph, mention any spouse and children, whether the new hire is a native of the community and education.

8. Methods for Appointment Reminders

Highlight how your practice stays on pace with current mobile technology. Invite patients to sign up either online or at the office to get text or email reminders of appointments and to make online payments.

9. Free Dental Clinic

Video, photographs or even at live feed of your participation in a free clinic demonstrates your outreach to the community. In particular, if you go live on social media, you may even attract the interest of people in need of free dental care.

10. Staff Photos

A group photograph of the dentist and staff should appear on your website and can also make a good profile photo for your social media page as a potential alternative to your building. Update this as people leave and new ones arrive. You might have occasion to use staff photos for holiday greetings.

11. Community Dentist Ranking

Social media can be a great place to brag about your practice’s recognition and standing in the community. If you have been ranked by a local publication or readers to a newspaper, make a short mention in your post. Be sure to thank the public for that honor.

12. Root Canal Testimonial

With a video testimony of a willing patient, you can dispel some of the fears associated with a root canal. Ask the patient to explain how he or she overcame the discomfort and how it cured a disease or other problem.

13. Flossing Demonstration

Along with showing visitors how to brush teeth, use a video created by you or your staff or from YouTube to show the effective way of flossing. Here, the emphasis lies in getting all the teeth covered.

14. Video of the Parts of a Tooth

Use a YouTube video to explain what makes up a tooth and the function of each part. If you narrate yourself, use a clear chart or image.

15. Oral Cancer Awareness

A post concerning the risks and prevention of oral cancer can be timely at the beginning of Oral Cancer Awareness Month, which is observed in April. Use a poster that lists risk factors and symptoms.

16. “Happy Fall Brush Them All”

A simple Pinterest image such as this can remind people to brush their teeth regularly. This is especially as Autumn — and early Winter — are times for Halloween treats, Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas party foods.

17. First Impressions

Images such as this help stress the many benefits of good oral hygiene–and the perils of ignoring teeth. Specifically, a social and even romantic life depends upon the appearance of teeth, particularly as a first impression. Such surveys can motivate patients to get cleanings and examinations.

18. Gingivitis and Pregnancy

Pregnancies come with potential risk of gum disease, especially as the present of hormones and elevated sugar May promote gum inflammation. Use an image or other method to explain to pregnant patients the need to regularly have their teeth examined.

19. Invite Patients to Show Smiles on Instagram

Following the smile theme, encourage your patients to post Instagram photos of the fruits of your services and mention your practice. With the patients taking the initiative, their followers and friends may get word about your practice.

20. Reasons for Taking X-Rays

A brief explanation with words or visuals helps patients understand the importance of having X-rays and a facet of dental visits. These examinations may reveal cavities, abscessed or other crooked teeth and potential tumors in the mouth.

21. Sports and Oral Health

Many of your patients, particularly the young ones, play sports at various levels. Parents of football players need to know about mouth-guards that can protect teeth from trauma that later leads to oral disease. Energy bars and Gatorade, while providing the needed fuel for performance, introduce sugar and need to be brushed promptly.

22. The Original Selfie Stick — Dental Equipment

Take a humorous turn on your post with this image of a mirror. Obviously, this plays on the idea of selfie sticks which should become part of the social media verbiage.

23. Dental Stocking Stuffers

Christmas time gives you another occasion to encourage healthy alternatives to marshmellow Santas, candy canes and other sweets that stuff stockings. To that end, suggest that Santa leave floss, toothbrushes, and toothpaste in stockings as an alternative to candy. An electric toothbrush can especially make a good gift.

24. New Year’s Dental Resolutions

The approach of New Year’s Day inspires lifestyle improvements or changes. Invite patients and visitors to offer resolutions such as to have regular cleanings and checkups and brush and floss more regularly. Diet-related resolutions such as eating less sweets and other junk foods have benefits for both oral health and overall health.

25. Dental Supplies for Disaster Relief

Victims of hurricanes and other natural disasters often need to replace everything they have. Announce that you are collecting dental and other household supplies and clothing. Good oral health, while perhaps not immediately in the minds of victims, is still important.

26. Patient of the Month

Post a photograph and describe the profile of a willing patient of the month. You may highlight something that he or she does very well in the community or other reasons you have selected the person. Along with the announcement could come some gift certificate or other reward and token of appreciation.

27. Milestones

Use the one-year, five-years, ten-year, twenty-year anniversary or even longer periods as a social media occasion. Thank all of the patients and others who have supported you and your practice and express that you look forward to many more years of service

28. Valentines Day: Love or Root Canal

Conditions can be signs of either infatuation with someone or the onset of oral diseases. This post that you can use around Valentine’s Day expresses that point.

29. Do’s and Don’t of Dental Care

This Pinterest image spells out the more general principles of taking care of teeth in the right way. You can use these anytime, but Dental Hygiene Month can serve as a good occasion.

30. Myths About Diet Sodas and Teeth

Consumers often associate diet sodas with health because of the lack of sugar and calories. You may want a post to dispel these myths. For instance, diet soda relies upon phosphoric and citric acids for the flavoring otherwise supplied by sugar. These acids can compromise the enamel of the teeth.

31. Smile, The Weekend is Near

Find an image of a tooth or person smiling and post it either late Thursday night or early on Friday. Along with the hope of the coming weekend, you can add a reminder of your office hours and invitation for appointments.

32. National Brush Your Teeth Day

Expecting that many will accumulate pieces of candy on Halloween night, the day after serves as National Brush Your Teeth day. Post this reminder so that those who might not heed your warning of not having sugar will brush their teeth regularly and promptly.

33. Video Office Tour

Harness the power of video posting by showing your office. Such video tours can be especially effective when you’re opening a new office. Display the waiting area and treatment areas and highlight any state-of-the-art equipment that you use.

34. Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pie Recipes

Pumpkin pie is often a staple of Thanksgiving and the Fall season. Suggest substitutes for sugar that makes pumpkin pies sweet. Post a photo of the pumpkin and a recipe of a sugar-free pumpkin pie. This approach may work for other sugar-free desserts.

35. Alcohol and Your Enamel

Many reasons compel the cautious use of, if not abstinence from, alcohol. post as one reason the acid contained especially in wines. While the acid weakens enamel, the sugar in many alcohol products can contribute to tooth decay.

36. New Services

A brief Twitter or Facebook post can herald new services or hours. For instance, make it known if you offer evening hours at least once a week to accommodate households where both parents work. New services may include new products for tooth treatment.

37. Codes for Offers

Consider Snapchat or another quick way to display offer codes. These combinations of letters and numbers can provide discounts for services provided at your practice.

38. Staff Opening Newly-Arrived Dental Products

Typically, your patients leave with a complimentary toothbrush and toothpaste and may get heads for electric toothbrushes. When you show these being opened, you let them know that they can expect to have these things when they come for visits.

39. Dentist Returning From Vacation, What Are Vacation Spots?

Understandably, you likely close your practice for a week to have vacation time with family or other acquaintances. Consider sharing the places you went and invite your patients or others to share their vacations experiences and comment on yours.

40. Championship Game Predictions

Offer your analysis of big games or have your staff wear the uniforms of your local teams either in the championship games or in the regular season. These posts highlight that you keep in touch with current events and things of interest to those in your community.

41. Cavity-Free Patients

Again, with the patient’s permission or that of the parent, have your patient hold a cavity free sign as he or she leaves the office. You may want to be in the photo yourself. This makes a great Instagram post to display results of good dental hygiene.

42. New Location Announcement

A new office is a milestone in your practice. More importantly, your patients need to know where to find you. With the post, you might teach potential patients closer to your location. Add to the address a Google Maps link or the map.

43. Heart Health and Oral Health

You likely are aware of correlations between oral diseases and cardiovascular disorders. Posts explaining the relationship and potential reasons for it may lead people to seek examinations, cleaning and treatment from you. Time such posts for February, which is American and National Heart Health Month.

44. National Dental Hygiene Month

Celebrate your dental hygienists with social media posts during National Dental Hygiene Month. During October, you can profile your hygienists and allow them to contribute with their tips and stories to your sites.

45. Breast Cancer Awareness and Dental Care

October also affords the occasion for you to exhibit your solidarity with breast cancer patients and survivors and the families and friends of those lost to the disease. In addition to the familiar pink on your page, content on the dental issues raised by breast cancer keep with the theme of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

46. Old Toothpaste or Toothbrush Ad

“Throwback Thursdays” feature opportunities for vintage or nostalgic advertisements of toothpaste and toothbrushes. Imagine showing an ad for a ten-cent tube of toothpaste. If you can locate a YouTube or other video of an old television spot, even better.

47. FIve-Star or Excellent Reviews

Tout those five-star or other very complementary reviews found on dentist directories. Patients who think and speak highly of your practice lend credibility and appeal. Select especially those reviews with specific comments of something performed or accomplished by the staff.

48. Snow Day Closing

Should inclement winter weather force a closure, announce it with a snowy scene. You might add or consider a snow-capped tooth and a brief comment about filling cavities or capping chipped teeth.

49. How Often Do You Floss?

Some efforts at visitor interaction call upon them to confess. Such arises with flossing, which is regarded often as the least-undertaken or regarded part of oral hygiene. When visitors respond that they do not floss as they should, avoid judgmental responses. Instead, thank them and follow-up with a video or tips to show the ease of flossing.

50. Video Recipe of Homemade Pain Remedy

Root canals or conditions generate pain. Post a link to sites with homemade pain relief, such as cold-press black tea bags, honey and applications of essential oils with healing elements. You or a staff person may even demonstrate a homemade pain relief concoction.

51. Foods to Avoid at Thanksgiving

Cranberry juice, wine, excessive levels of bread and stuffing and sugary desserts can pose threats to oral health. Perhaps on the week of Thanksgiving, as meals are planned and prepared, suggest these threats such as gum disease or inflammation and weakening of enamel.

52. Time to Switch Brushers

Use a Pinterest or other image such as this to let page visitors know when to change or replace brushes. Explain that time reduces the effectiveness of brushes. Also, advise users to discard brushes after a viral or bacterial infection and to get a new, clean one.

53. Dental Conference Tweet

Twitter proves most effective with text-based messages rather than those with images because the latter appear on Twitter only as a link. As such, post or repost insightful comments at dental conferences. In addition to the knowledge, your mere presence signifies to patients that you are growing in your profession.

54. ADA Dental Journal Tweet

Tweets — and Facebook posts — serve as effective ways to convey content from journals of the American Dental Association. This authoritative source of dental knowledge educates your visitors on new technology, public policy and techniques for dental care, among other subjects.

55. Teeth Whiteners

Provide a list of or link to a list of teeth whitening kits. This content appeals to visitors and patients who have cosmetic and other concerns regarding their teeth. You might introduce this with a reference to coffee or other beverages that tend to stain teeth if not immediately brushed.

56. Dental-Themed Birthday Gifts

Aid those looking for birthday gift ideas with a post about presents from a dental perspective. Explain how to prepare a gift basket with toothbrushes (electrical and traditional), travel toothbrush cases, toothpaste, mouthwash and a gift certificate for a dental cleaning–especially at your practice.

57. Announcing a Dental App

Launch a new appointment or payment app with a social media post. With a link to your website, users can learn the steps to making their arrangements in payments with you conveniently.

58. Award for the Dentist

Post an Instagram or Facebook photo of the dentist receiving an award. Such content belongs in the arena of touting your practice and giving it an air of distinction.

59. ADA-Certified Sugar-Free Gum

Chewing gum brings some sweetness and refreshes people’s mouths. Since many gum products contain sugar, you can guide users to sugar free products. Provide this link to the American Dental Association for those certified sugar free items.

60. Tax Write-Offs for Dental Expenses

It’s true that you’re not a financial or tax advisor. However, you might want to at least link your patients to one or two authorities for riding off the cost of their visits on their taxes.

61. Photograph of Staff in Halloween Costumes

Your Halloween content doesn’t need to be about just warnings against sugar and other junk food. Show your staff in costumes on the morning of or day before Halloween. Of course, it’s fine to follow up with a suggestion to eat carefully and brush thoroughly.

62. Dentist Playing at Charity Golf Event

Post an Instagram photo of you or your dentist playing in a charity golf tournament. By this, you illustrate your practice is commitment to the community and perhaps other talents. The charity may even appreciate the publicity for its cause.

63. Dental Trivia Post

Here is an example of questions you can ask young patients or their parents about dentistry. This link contains a lot of history of the dental profession. You may find other quizzes about dental care.

64. Famous People Who Were Dentists

A post about the dental profession may include historical figures or celebrities who were dentists. Photographs can a company a short caption or account of the personality’s career in dentistry.

65. Dentist Speaking at Local School Career Day

Photos of you or your staff away from the office promote the sense of community involvement. When you speak at a school career day, you are an ambassador for both to profession in your practice. Include a photograph and a few brief remarks from the event.

66. Video: How to Become a Dentist — Profile of Dentist

in a video featuring you, provide some personal antidotes of how you became a dentist. This can be included in a presentation of the education, licensing and training requirements needed to be a dentist.

67. Video of Tooth Extraction — Without Numbing or Anesthesia

Obviously, you wouldn’t pull someone’s teeth without affording some anesthetic. That is the point of posting a skit showing you or your staff doing precisely just that. This adds a little humor for your practice.

68. “Watch Your Mouth” Campaign”

Foul language is not the only thing that can emanate from your mouth. Not eating or brushing your teeth well may result in gum diseases. The greater point of this watch your mouth campaign is to look out for potential problems.

69. Wash Your Mouth — With Mouthwash

You can use the phrase, not only as an exhortation to proper language, but also for good brushing habits and mouthwash. In this light, you might provide either a link or a list of good mouthwash products.

70. Announcing Birth or Wedding

To involve patients and visitors in the lives of you and your stuff, post congratulatory messages and announcements about birth and weddings. For the latter, have a photo of the newlyweds, perhaps dancing. With your steps permission, include a photograph of the newborn and identify the parents.

71. If You’re Reluctant to Floss, Why?

As a non-judgmental way of encouraging flossing, invite page visitors to explain why they do not floss. Perhaps you can address reasons such as lack of time or concern for bleeding gums.

72. Unusual Items Used to Floss – With Photos

Many do try to floss, but some can’t spring a few dollars for the floss. This idea for a post allows you to explore the unusual substitutes for dental floss. These have included strands of human hair, paper clips, folded paper, toothpicks and even the ends of eating utensils.

73. “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”

This iconic dental themed yuletide tune can inspire a post with either the lyrics (if you can get the copyright to them) or a description of the history of the song. Roll this content out during Christmas time.

74. Promotions – Especially at Year’s End

Your practice can capitalize upon patients needing to use their benefits before year’s end. For those who might lose unused benefits, offer generous end-of-the-year discounts for cleaning services and even procedures.

75. Profile a Team Your Practice Sponsors

Provide a photograph of a recreational or even a middle or high school team that you make sponsor. You can employee either the team photo or action shots of the game. Mention if the team wins a big game or a championship.

76. If You Have a Dental Emergency Video?

Dental problems requiring urgent care include those were a tooth has been broken or even falls out. With a video via YouTube or your own creation, you can explain how to handle these emergencies until you can get more complete dental care.

77. Gift Certificate Giveaways

The patient can score a free cleaning or procedure with either random selection by you or by answering certain questions. Be sure the post the announcement and rules and the winner on your social media page.

78. Parodies of Popular Songs

If your talents include singing, consider a parody of some popular song. Supply, of course, whatever dental concepts you wish to convey. This may include brushing and flossing techniques getting check-ups and recognizing diseases.

79. Why Dentist and Dental Hygienists Use a Pick?

The dental pick attacks sometimes tough plaque, but it also brings potentially some discomfort. Using a dental assistant, hygienist or even you, provide a brief video to explain why you use the pick and how proper dental care can reduce its use during your visits.

80. How to Become a Dental Hygienist?

Just as you explained your entry into the career, your dental hygienist can recount his or her educational and training journey. This can be done through a video or even in words placed in quotes and authored by your hygienist. Include a photograph if you’re not using a video.

81. Reading a Christmas Story

Holiday posts sometimes do not need any apparent reference relation to dentistry. You may simply choose to read the Christmas story, a night before Christmas or an account of the birth of Jesus. Such content often takes the form of a greeting or wish for a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday season.

82. List or Refer to “Nail Biters” in Sports

show your enthusiasm for sports by compiling a list of very close games for those two sided on the last play. These nail-biters can be the springboard to warn patients of the harm from biting toenails or hard items.

83. Dental Insurance and Wellness Plans

for a more informational tone to your content, explain the kinds of dental insurance plans that can help pay for services that you provide. List or provide links for those plans that your practice accepts.

84. Why You Became a Dentist

Another video about yourself can chronicle your motivation for becoming a dentist. This may include your family history in the dental profession or a desire to help patience or a combination of those and other reasons.

85. About Dental Implants

Don’t forget those patients who may have irreversible damage to a tooth and an implant is the only viable solution. You can provide a link to the tops or you can have a video presentation of them.

86. National Popcorn Day – January 19

January 19th of each year marks National Popcorn Day. As a dentist, you may see popcorn as a threat to oral health because bare kernels can damage teeth or fillings and pieces of popcorn can become lodged between or behind teeth. Use this day to post about these problems and the importance of brushing teeth.

87. National Bosses Day

To personalize the staff and you, post a group photo on Instagram or Facebook one of you and the assistants and hygienist enjoying a National Bosses Day luncheon. Your staff may commemorate this occasion, October 16, with a photograph of you at work at the office.

88. American Diabetes Month – November

During November, post that 26 million Americans have diabetes, with seven million not knowing that they have the disease. Then, explain its effects on dental health, such as increased risk of gum disease and infections, and how you can help treat those with diabetes.

89. “Black Friday” Shopping for Dental Exams

The latter part of November, specifically the day after Thanksgiving, can inspire a “Black Friday” post for deals for dental examinations. Remind people that they don’t have to wait in pre-dawn lines to take advantage.

90. George Washington’s Teeth

For Presidents’ Day, consider an image of George Washington’s dentures made of a mix of human and animal teeth and ivory. Provide a link for a more complete description of the dentures. The First President’s teeth can spark, whether on Presidents’ day or another day, interest for those who might need dentures.

91. Favorite Brand of Toothpaste Question

Ask page visitors to post photographs or names of their favor toothpaste brands and why they use or like them.

92. Lip Colors For “Whiter” Teeth

This Pinterest photograph features lipstick options to make teeth appear whiter. With this or a similar image, you can provide fun fashion advice and remind visitors that they can get white and healthy teeth through dental cleanings and exams and whitening kits.

93. Unusual Flavors of Toothpaste

Halloween or the fall may be a good time to post a photograph of pumpkin-flavored toothpaste. Provide a list of other unusual toothpaste flavors for particular seasons or for anytime of the year.

94. Brush a Great White’s Teeth

Consider an image of a great white shark or other animal getting dental care. It conveys in an attention-grabbing fashion the message that even sharks need healthy teeth, for which flossing and brushing promotes.

95. Toothbrush History

Deliver some interesting information about the origins, first design and evolution of the toothbrush. For instance, a “toothbrush” first appeared in 1498 in China, with the bristles composed of coarse hogs’ neck hairs. A “chew stick” was in use as early as 3000 B.C.

96. Wisdom Teeth

Teenagers and young adults have wisdom teeth that may not fully erupt and may need pulling to prevent other problems. Explain how wisdom teeth develop and that chewing function does not disappear solely because of their absence.

97. Unique Dental-Themed Christmas Decorations in Office

As a Christmas greeting, post a photograph of decorations in your waiting or reception area or throughout the office. A Christmas tree composed of dental impressions is especially

98. Celebrity Dental News

Find an interesting dental-related blurb involving a celebrity, such as a talk-show co-host losing a teeth during the show. Add a note on how to prevent or treat the problem.

99. Where to Store Toothbrushes

Display the sanitary, organized and otherwise proper way to store toothbrushes. A video and narration can display the right and wrong ways. Include a red “X” over one brush touching another.

100. Non-Dental Uses of Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

Fun and informative posts with brushes includes uses other than with teeth. In a video or with photos, show scrubbing small surfaces of areas or Christmas ornaments or other decorations using brushes. Link to sites listing stains, marks and other messes that toothpaste can fix.

101. Lip-Piercing Risks

Lip rings make fashion statements, but present possible sources of dental problems. Point out the risks of infections.